Gay Montreal

As one of the pioneering nations to recognize same-sex marriages, Canada is as logical a destination as any for the LGBT tourist; and with one of the largest gay neighborhoods in the world, Montreal is the icing on the cake.

The Village--or "le Village"--is the epicenter of Montreal's gay scene. Innumerable restaurants, shops, bars, nightclubs, and cafes dot the vicinity with their characteristic flair, and even the local metro stop is decked out in rainbow pizzazz. Sainte-Catherine Street is the Village's main thoroughfare and the backbone of its activity, with a diverse array of establishments along and on either side of it. Gay-friendly venues are also to be found slightly farther afield, as in the city's downtown area, for instance.

Travelers will be delighted to learn that a variety of gay-owned-and-operated guesthouses offer affordable lodging within walking distance of the city's major attractions. Visitors may also be interested in learning that regulations in Canada are rather more liberal than our own, which may make your night at the corner strip joint a bit more exciting than expected. There are also no less than nine--count 'em nine--bathhouses filled overflowing with locals and tourists, and unlike even San Francisco, locals do not even bat an eye at the in your face street facades advertising homo sex.

The city is also the home of the highly regarded Black & Blue Festival organized by the Bad Boy Club Montreal.

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