Hotel Dorion

60% love it
Conveniently located above Bar Taboo
Right across from the Papineau metro in the heart of the Gay Village. Steps away from fine dining and shopping. Each room has its own private bathroom.


    • DMS12345
      DMS12345 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I would advise not to stay at this hotel. I stayed for 4 nights and had to transfer to another hotel. In my 4 days of staying here not once was my room refreshed. On my 3rd night I began to get itchy and by 4th day had numerous bed bug bites. I contacted the front desk staff and of course they defended the hotel. As of right now they have not contacted me with an apology nor any kind of refund. This is a SLUM, DO NOT, I MEAN DO NOT STAY HERE!!!! You have been warned!

    • tomminyc
      tomminyc Over a year ago
      Loves it

      i liked this hotel very much
      I an asian guy living in NYC and have decided to come to Montreal for the "divers/cite" outdoor festival. Many other gay guest houses and hotel asked for extra for this week but this hotel didn't which was one of the reasons i picked this one. Also their price plan is simple and honest. Others are very confusing=deceptive with very high tax when you actually pay. The rate i was quoted was the actual price including the tax. I see 2 middle aged gentlemen at the front desk alternating and they both are very friendly. (don't know if they are gays, they don't seem to be...) My room 33 was very spacious, clean, quiet and felt like a real big name hotel room. And i didn't hear street noise or bar noise as the other reviewer said . And i had a good wifi reception for my iphone and netbook in my room. By the way, this place seem to have rooms run by hourly "affiliated" with local escorts in another section of the hotel where the vending machines are, but my room is on the other side of the building where all the guests seem to be "normal guests" (btw i have no issues with escorts, i'm pro escorts:-) I can't generalize as my room is one of the better rooms here but i really like this hotel. Inexpensive, the big supermarket "metro" is half a block which was sooo convenient for me! The 2 receptionist were very nice.

    • Adrenalin
      Adrenalin Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Your paying for location and value
      You are paying for location. If your a budget traveler and have no problem staying at Motel 6, Super 8's, Best Western's.....this will be fine on room quality. However if your used to staying at Hilton's, Westin's, Hyatt's wont like this. It's good for the rate your However there are a few things to note. PRO-It's in a great location, 50 feet from Ste Catherine in the Village, and right across from the Pappineau Metro station. CON- It's above a bar called Taboo (Stripper twink bar) so you hear the booming music echoing until 3am each night. PRO - Good price for the location and qualety of the room. Sheets, towels and room serviced/changed daily. CON - You dont have direct access to the front door. You have to get buzzed in everytime, sometimes having to stand there waiting ringing a doorbell. It also costs more if you come home with someone for the night. PRO - Free Wireless Internet CON- Internet is only accessible from the lounge, not in your room. PRO - Free breakfast on weekends CON -on a hard key system for your room, no credit card style key card. PRO- Steps from all the bars CON- you get a mix of people from the bars....PRO- Vending machines onsite with a big selection CON - thin walls that allow you to overhear screams of passion