Bar Taboo

79% love it
Smooth, delicious, and lightly aged

No, not the wine -- the dancers. This is a men-only bar and strip club. Interested in dancing for them? Auditions are every Sunday at 7 p.m.


    • RS80
      RS80 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This is the saddest bar I've ever been to. Some of the "dancers" were cute but the crowd was depressing. Old and leering and pathetic, probably a vision of my future but whatever. I won't set foot in this place again.

    • MichaelWallace
      MichaelWallace Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I have been flying to TABOO twice a year from America since May of 2005. Just like the city of Montreal ,Taboo has seen a steep-and-steady decline. In the summer of 2012 and 2013, Taboo had some very nasty dancers. Some were missing teeth, lacked deodorant, or looked like they were Shrek and 50-years old. These super-ugly, old dancers would be drunk-out-of-their-minds because nobody was buying lap dances from them. To make a long story short, I had just purchased 2 expensive drinks when this old ugly aggressive dancer (who is all of 5 feet tall) came over to my table all drunk, and knocked over BOTH my drinks all over my brand new clothes and shoes. Gerry the owner, and the bartender, both refused to replace the drinks that their employee knocked over, claiming it was an accident and saying "that's what happens in bars." Keep in mind I did not want this dancer at my table as he was better suited for the nursing home. Not only were my brand new clothes, and new shoes, stained and soaking wet, I had also lost money on 2 expensive drinks. What horrible customer service to not replace drinks that a nasty dancer had spilled on me. Both teamed up together and said if I didn't like it I should leave!! Keep in mind I have been visiting Taboo since 2005 and was a loyal customer. The irony is Gerry (manager of Taboo) will be seen comping free drinks to his favorite patrons, but he won't comp drinks if his dancers spill them all over you. This happened in 2012 and I have never forgotten that horrific experience and total lack of customer service. The only cool person who worked at Taboo was a bartender named Stephane. Some dancers would charge $20 instead of $10 per song for a private dance in the back room (and then not even take off their clothes). When I brought the price discrepancy up to Gerry's attention he did absolutely nothing!!! He actually said to me "it depends what you and the dancer agree too" even though there are signs all over the walls saying private dances are $10 !!! What kind of a manager is this? He would be fired in any other business with that attitude, and lack of customer service. It's all fake smiles and fake hugs. And if you only buy soda pop instead of alcohol they will look at you like you're disposable. I visit for the twinks not the drinks! The only reason I still visit Taboo is because they have a monopoly on twinks; however, I have been most successful finding "real twinks" at Club Unity on Friday and Saturday nights. The "club" twinks are much more appreciative of being spoiled, while at Taboo it's "expected" and the dancers feel "entitled." Taboo needs a more customer service oriented manager/owner and a larger more refined selection of skinny young twinks who actually brush their teeth and aren't in their mid-twenties. I can go to Campus or Lux for the older dancers. A twink is not someone in their twenties who walks around telling people they look much younger. Taboo needs to return to its glory days with barely-legal, wafer-thin, skinny, white, blonde-and-blue-eyed teenage twinks!! Real twinks who are in their senior year of high school. Taboo used to be world-famous and an international hot spot destination, and now it's turning into just another strip club trying to appease to everyone in the gay community. One quickly gets the feeling that unless you're a senior citizen tourist with a cane, and throwing around wads of cash buying overpriced alcoholic beverages, Taboo will view you as disposable business. $5 for a can of Coke?

    • Felicia_Rayne
      Felicia_Rayne Over a year ago
      Loves it

      If DiJayGiovanni took his shirt off more often when he DJs I would go to the bar more frequently! He is so hot!

    • Taboo 2.0
      Hello boys ! I am Giovanni , your house D.J at Taboo Male Strippers in Montreal. I am very sad and disapointed to read all of these negative posts about Taboo . I am guessing a lot of you haven't come recently because the place as changed A LOT for the best. Gerry your favorite waiter is Still here but is now managing the whole buisness. Diego your old friend is also still here as a Bartender, some of you probably knew him as a dancer many years ago :) Gentlemen , PLEASE make sure you visit ONCE again . I personnaly guarantee a GREAT night out . The dancers are beautifull and all types. Anywhere from 10 to 20 dancers every night. Very friendly and fun ambiance. It is worth a last try, if you don't enjoy , THEN you have all the right to not come back ;) wich will defenitily not happen. We are renovating in end of October for those who hate the bathrooms just like me :P Make sure you come and say hi ! We are waiting for you guys :)

    • Kent24
      Kent24 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Taboo should have closed and not reopen.
      I live in Montreal but this place should have stayed closed. How do they keep that place open when it's empty most of the time. The guys ask you to the back room. But most have bad breath and smell like they have not had a shower. I agree with the other person that made a Review. They said they made changes. Nope the place is still the same as it was before. But the Grandpas go to get attention. Oh! Well. I won't go back again.

    • RippedAddonis
      RippedAddonis Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Mentally Unstable Dancer - Watch Out
      Don't get me wrong I love watching smooth boys dancing to my pleasure and Montreal is one of favorite cities to go watch them when I am in business there. That being said the last time I was at Taboo I was approached by this nasty endomorph addict who claimed his name was Eric. He kept offering up his services in the back for a private dance and I just kept saying I wasn't interested, I just didn't have the heart to tell him he was fugly. But the twitchy little freak kept following me around the club babbling on that he wanted to do me for cheap and how could I not find a pure blood irish boy like him not attractive. At this point I told him to f off and actually pushed him back since he was spitting in my face, at which point he started spouting off as loudly as possible you n****er loving jew. At that point the bouncer manhandled the little freak and shoved him out the front door coming back to me to apologize. I found the whole experience unsettling and left immediately I will never return to Taboo. They really need to better control the type of hustlers they allow in that place.

    • MaineMan
      MaineMan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Taboo is back!
      I had last visited Taboo in the spring of 2006. At that time it seemed to be going downhill. But after closing for a bit, renovations, a new owner and management it's back to its old self. This review is for my visit in late September of 2012. The bar still features younger guys but not the muscle guys like Campus or Stock. The place is very warm and friendly. The dancers are attentive but not all over you. Dances are $10 or $20 and are more private than they used to be. There is still no cover charge or drink minimum. I was very happy to see that my favorite dancer, Diego, was still there. He was bartending the night we arrived but he remembered us and came right over to say hello. It had been six years. On the weekend he was a dancer. His private dances were as sexy and sweet as ever. If you remember the old days, you might remember Jerry, a waiter there. He is now the owner and has restored the bar to what it was in its heyday. I have traveled quite a bit and there really are no nude male dance bars like this anywhere. Montreal is unique. If you enjoyed the bar in the old days, you will like it now. If you've never been there, be sure to give it a try.

    • Joseph2012
      Joseph2012 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Taboo is a Joke.
      I just got back from Taboo and not much has changed. Ashame. Guys just don't care. Dancers only hit on the very old old guys. What's up with that.? When I left Taboo I said to two young guys that nothing will change and to hit on old guys. Wow! Won't waste a dime on this place. I was dressed in my Business clothes and nothing. Ashame. Skip this one. Owner should think twice about how he conducts business.

    • trashman
      trashman Over a year ago

      Is Taboo still open Phone does not get through
      Last time I visited Taboo was closed I am trying to find out if it has reopened but cannot get through on phone. Can someone give me an up to date report. Thanks

    • Taboo is back
      was there three times in the last week. Dancers were good, waiters were gorgeous. Perhaps they rotate some of the dancers as waiters. Was disappointed at the smaller crowds. C'mon guys lets keep this place alive. Will be back for 6 days in both July and Sep. J/Boston

    • TorontoBoyz
      TorontoBoyz Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Taboo still going strong?
      How did the club weather over the winter & spring? I'm headin up there soon and would like to know if it's still worth going?

    • Good!
      Well, I admit I have been looking forward to Taboo opening. Hopefully a) it will be busier, b) there will be slightly cheaper, and if not cheaper, a better choice of beer c) the music won't be so bloody loud, d) the air conditioning will be kept many basic things that are controllable. Can't wait to see the new boys.

    • drg802
      drg802 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Taboo Opens Under New Management NO JOE!
      Taboo will open Wednesday November 2nd, 2011 at 20H until 3H am, under new management. Joe is gone! See the ad on page 54 in Fugues. Dancers needed! Come check out the new Taboo! Better prices on drinks and private dances!

    • boybrat
      boybrat Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Went to Taboo on Friday night - definately closed
      I have had some great nights in Taboo and I was once good friends with one of the dancers. I sent him an email recently to let him know I was going to be in Montral this week, but unfortunately, the email I sent him bounced and I have no other means of getting in touch with him :( I went to check out Taboo and it was all closed up and there was no sign on the door whatsoever... I went to Stock bar instead (the over charge is just $3 (Canadian)and although it was good, Taboo was much much more fun. I really hope it re-opens soon.

    • aces1high
      aces1high Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Went to Taboo during Pride -- Closed
      Taboo is still closed as of Aug. 14. So I was forced to go elsewhere. Stock and JP's (formerly Adonis) both charge a cover just to get in -- so I left. Campus is still free admission if you like body builder types. All in all without the twink dancers at Taboo, Montreal just isn't the same. Sign in door now reads: Under New Management. Renovations in progress. (or something close to that). I hope it reopens soon ...