Club LaCité

80% love it
3 floors of gym
Lovely facility features lots of great amenities, and offers even a juice bar and personal fitness options. It's a great place to get ahead of your calorie count!


    • chris2204
      chris2204 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Wonderful gym, in the heart of MOntreal city! Everything you need is here: cardio machines, weightroom, whirlpools, group classes, tennis court, year round outdoor swimming pool... and lots more! Not only a place to workout but also to relax and enjoy yourself by the pool or juice bar on a beautiful summer day. Also very gay friendly! A must go to!

    • girllyboy
      girllyboy Over a year ago

      looking for gym to start to get back into shape
      hey hi looking for a good gym to slowly get back into shape have some pounds to loose but may also do some extra fun while im there also im a bottom

    • SergayFitness
      SergayFitness Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I like this palce
      I am working here. Everybody is welcome in my classes!!! Have great life!!

    • Topocho
      Topocho Over a year ago
      Hates it

      It's OK
      This used to be one of the best health clubs in Montreal, but since they decided to focus their marketing efforts on McGill U. students the place has gone to sh*t. The steam room at the men' s spa doesn't work, the hot tub looks dirty and its either too hot or too cold, the water looks slimy. People complain about lockers being force opened and having stuff stolen. There is no security whatsoever here. The Indian guy who cleans the locker rooms thinks he owns the place has a serious behavior problem towards the customers, and the manager seems to be totally unqualified for the job. The locker rooms always smell awful and several times I have found used condoms strewn all over. the floor...I have no problem with two men having sex, but they should do their thing in a more appropriate place. Needless to say that La Cite is known in the gay community as a very cruisy gym...just don't do your thing in the showers or locker room.