Sauna G.I. Joe Formerly: The St-Marc, The Bronx

81% love it
Favorite with the leather crowd
After 12 years, GI Joe soldiers on with 72 rooms all equipped with showers, not to mention a hot tub, snack bar, dry and wet saunas, and relaxation room.


    • I visited Montreal for a week and went here. Alot. Huge variety of men, lots of stairs / floors, great music, sexy atmosphere. Keeping it in perspective, I was 'fresh meat', and got laid. Alot. They supply lube and condoms. I douched ahead of time as I saw no nozzles / douching stations anywhere. Every bathhouse should facilitate this and make it convenient. Clean please! I also tried 2 other places but they paled in comparison. Use of drugs was obvious but that's everywhere. Cigarette smoking in rooms is forbidden but the rule was broken and it was really awful at times. Bring your earplugs to chill out.

    • 98Cory
      98Cory 6 months ago

      All I could say is becareful the manager who runs it is crazy he apparently sexual assault someone I know and he like to ban people for no justifiable reason he should not be a manager if he is going to accuse people of things they never did he has two books full of band people he needs to stop banning people for no justification and the staff there are great just not the manager

    • PieroDelon
      PieroDelon 10 months ago

      Surprisingly standoffish
      I respect that everyone has a type, but I didn't expect the vibe to be SO unwelcoming and unfriendly to people that didn't fit the more grungy mold. I know that this place is geared more towards the leather daddy crowd, and I never expected that I, with a slim smooth clean-cut look, would be the center of attention. And I know people will probably say,"Well, now you know what it feels like to be invisible because you are not in XYZ demographic." But at the end of the day, it's a bathhouse, and men are men. Sex (or whatever interaction you seek) does not need to be so complicated, and all the bad attitudes, narrow focus, and air of pretentiousness are really unnecessary. If you are more on the twink side, I would suggest skipping this place.

    • wildbottom
      wildbottom Over a year ago
      Loves it

      got what I needed!
      I was visiting briefly from the States and loved this place - I got what I needed on an early morning quick stop there. I love to be used and controlled so the lowest floor was awesome, I got into the sling and just waited...before I knew it both ends were taken care of several times and then a stroll through the whole place just before I left gave me one more load to love.

    • coolguy958
      coolguy958 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Anyone wanna go here with me
      I would like to find someone under 40 yrs old to go here with me thanks

    • da42na
      da42na Over a year ago

      Overnight on Weekends?
      Can anyone tell me if you can stay there overnight on the weekend? I am planning a trip for just one night and I tried to contact them but they never replied. Their website says something about this but it is unclear.

    • Canuckistan
      Canuckistan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great atmosphere
      I've heard bad things about GI Joe but my bf and I were impressed. Nice setup with two hot tubs, huge sauna and steam rooms, tons of areas to cruise and a mix of guys. Sunday afternoon was relaxed and they have a BBQ on the roof included in the price. Rooftop deck is huge, great for tanning naked in summer

    • ronychamp
      ronychamp Over a year ago
      Loves it

      New Owners Since December-2012
      New administrations owners since December-2012. Better safety and comfort, new lockers and new door handle with metal protection around the handle on the door and new mattresses in all rooms, and a new whirlpool, a new big Dry Sauna, new locker room on the first floor with new lockers, new plasma TV in the rooms, and other various amenities, Best place in Montreal for Leather and Latex, the place of the most beautiful guys fetish enthusiasts, or they find a sauna that joined their fantasy.

    • jimmer
      jimmer Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Totally rude and place

    • stickshift4cole
      stickshift4cole Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Relaxed on a Sunday
      It was my first time visiting Montreal! I'm so thankful I was given the chance to be a part of the city! I've been to Toronto several times now & I was always on the fence about moving there; Montreal made me jump over. This was my first "bad boy" thing I got to do there. I personally liked it. It was that average Joe type atmosphere which is my scene. However, the guy that brought me up there was of the "high society" & I had to listen to him wine/complain. Nut-up or shutup. Anyways, place is fine. Hoping to visit my 2nd time ASAP. There was an awesome local that I got to know who told me about these guys...he's 50,sexy as hell, & was genuine. Hoping he will see this due to my inebriation

    • Toy4Paco
      Toy4Paco Over a year ago
      Loves it

      G.I. Joe is the place to go. Do not waste your time anywhere else! Packed with hot men!


    • carichristi
      carichristi Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My experience was awesome!
      I am a transvestite who likes gay saunas as a "guy". GI Joe was perfect for me - I went early and no one was there so the attendant gave me a pass for later that day. When I came back I had a great time. Some of the guys there are very bold and dominant. One liked my hairless smooth body and put a collar on me! He took me downstairs and tied my wrists behind me and then had me go down on him in a glory hole until I made him very hard - He then took me upstairs and told me I was to obey Daddy as he gave me a hard naked spanking in the video room in front of 2 men, Then he put me into a sling in a common area where he tied me into it with cords by the wrists in a common area and then he boldly fucked me in front of several onlookers who soon began to shower me with their own cum! - I was so hot and so overloaded from "Daddy's" talents that I orgasmed while being helpessly fucked. After 35 minutes of this incredulous sordid public fuck spanking and the incredibly deep intense screwing I'll never forget - I took a nap and found Daddy again - where he took me to his room and made me his "boy" for the night! GI Joe is now my favorite sauna ever!

      i was in montreal on tuesday may 1 2012 for an eye appointment where I am visually impaired and do use a white cane I do like guys in leather so that is why i thought i would try this hateful place out but when i walked in i was refused having my white cane and where there is 4 floors i know that being impaired i have to be extra careful around stairs and so on but i was told a flat no so i walked out and went to sauna centreville where i had a ball of fun and i told them that gi joes refused me entry and they couldnt believe it i am going to human rights over this issue and i am going to have the business closed down for this

    • SoccerMan65
      SoccerMan65 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      DISCRIMINATION against Hot Slim Men Like ME
      Stay Away from that place, they have bad bad attitudes, they seemed friendly at first, but they are very obnoxious, and they don't care to make your stay a happy one, don't go complain about nothing, if they put the music too loud like at 3am, just stuff your ears with toilet paper with spit on, and if you get pushed around, push back the loser, don't EVAH EVAH go tell like some pussy that you were shoved by some rude loser, STAY AWAY, THE STAFF SPECIALLY THE MANAGER HAS VERY VERY SERIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS, STAY AWAY!