79% love it
The most popular sauna in the Village
It looks like an hacienda, but feels more like a labyrinth. Expect a different party every night of the week, from foam to fannies.


    • 98Cory
      98Cory Over a year ago
      Loves it

      very good place
      The staff here are really nice they try to help the best they can this place is a great I found my boyfriend here most memorable day ever this place is great recommend the boys here are really sexy especially on the weekends

    • PieroDelon
      PieroDelon Over a year ago

      Just OKAY.
      Not a great layout, but a diverse mix of guys - moreso than other bathhouses I've attended. Lots of guys hanging out with their friends/partners though, which is fine, I've gone to bathhouses with friends before, but here it felt more cliquey than any of the other the places I had been. Staff is also unfriendly, but the student discount makes for a good deal. I just wish the steam room didn't smell so bad.

    • CyroBrooks
      CyroBrooks Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Other than people selling drugs and doing drugs on some nights and running around like fools, Oasis is a cool place to meet guys 20 to 40's. a few older guys but not that many

    • RS80
      RS80 Over a year ago

      Go late
      This place really seems to really get going after 2 am on weekends. A lot of young guys (20s and 30s) started arriving at around 3. Plenty of trolls to avoid. It's reasonably clean but some rooms smell bad. I paid $20 for a locker on a Saturday night. Pro tip: you can exchange your towel any time.

    • Pinguin189
      Pinguin189 Over a year ago

      weirdly unoccupied
      I went there a Saturday night at about 10pm and left at 1am and we were about 20 other people in there, all old and surprisingly all ugly. Old is totally okay, but ugly and fat? No. I was surprised as other times I went there there were a good mix of good looking, ugly, small, big etc, but that time was noticeably bad! My only guess is don't go in January when it's cold, the casuals just won't bother face the cold to go there and only the weird fat ugly ones will.

    • torontonian72
      torontonian72 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great place for meeting people from all walks of life
      The staff is greatly and well prepared, there are people for all the tastes, from young, bears, tall, leather, sexy and so on. Of course the place needs a little fix, but if you want a high end place go to your 5 star hotel. LOL

    • Canuckistan
      Canuckistan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      always awesome
      Have never been disappointed at Oasis. Tons of guys of all body types, friendly crowd, good prices. Guaranteed fun on a weekend but I've never tried weekdays so not sure how it is then.

    • YoungDomTop
      YoungDomTop Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Beautiful boys
      I loved this place. There are several guys at any hour of the day and you can always find a couple of beautiful men. Great service in french and english. I was glad to find so many bottoms in this place. :)

    • alfa
      alfa Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A drugstore!
      More than 80 percent of young or mature guys are looking for drugs, meth, in this place. Directory knows about that and they do nothing but opening the door 24/24 for a famous known drug dealer who pretty lives there. You can be witness of many clients smoking cigarettes, pot and some of them with their glass pipes in their hands at this place. There is no dress code thus some heterosexuals for buying drugs completely dressed walking around, rude, impolite and sometimes homophobe and you name it. Right at the entrance door there is some big signs in french forbid people to smoke, but in some areas breathing is pretty impossible because every dude is smoking something. There is no doubt that drug is a part of business of this place, I'm wondering how police doesn't do anything about it. It is a dirty place and what is the most important is the least service to gain the biggest money. Not recommended if you value your health.

    • alekkoalex
      alekkoalex Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice place but the people are not sociable
      nice place but the people are not sociable

    • weezy69
      weezy69 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Decent bathouse, a bit run down
      Lots of guys and action especially on Saturday night. Just like sauna centre ville it is old and run down but reasonably clean. The hot tub is pretty big. Staff is decent. They could use some renovations.

    • Toy4Paco
      Toy4Paco Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not as bad as some
      This place was better than some, but as good as G.I. Joe! Don't waste your time anywhere but there!!

    • TorGuy1978
      TorGuy1978 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Horrible Service and Dirty
      I'll give it 2 stars because there were a few hot guys there... but the place itself is filthy. And even worse, they give you a hard time about getting new towels, which is very necessary at a bathhouse! They are outright rude to their customers, but somehow manage to stay in business. YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS PLACE!!


    • paulpatlee
      paulpatlee Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Terrible, Rude Staff
      Well, I don't expect a 5 stars hôtel service from any bathhouse cuz bathhouse is always bathhouse. However, As I read the comments and reviews of this place, 95 % of customers experienced the same thing. THE STAFF are extremely rude, If you don't speak french, they could even throw the towel, Key and condom on your face when you check in. Personally, I do speak and understand french , still got the bad attitude from a bitchy punk staff at the counter. As I checked in and asked for a locker, I did not know whether that faggot was really a deaf or pretended to be a deaf. I had to speak loud, louder and loudest in order for him to understand that I need to rent a locker. ( I did not mean to be rude to him by raising my voice for a locker , what really pissed me off was his face, his bitchy attitude, discrimination and racist ) 2 hours later, I asked for a new towel, this a--hole just told me in french with attitude that I was not allowed to get a new towel at the counter and pointed the finger to tell me to get the towel at the gate. I have been to this sauna many times and I always got the towel at the counter. This punk fag was such an a--hole. I did not talked back to him. Furthermore, the way that hé talked to other people was so so rude, the guy that I met in the sauna, hé is a regular and hé talked to me the same way about the staff working there. I prefer not to go to this place when this asshole is working. FYI, after I got the new towel, I noticed that the size of my foot is the same as this fag's face. WTF. One star is not worth for this place.