Galerie Dentaire

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Contemporary art in a surprising environment
Since opening in November 2003 the unique concept of the Galerie Dentaire has provided a very different venue in the world of exhibition spaces. The Galerie Dentaire has successfully fused three businesses in a symbiotic harmony: A modern dental office, a massage therapy clinic and a large exhibition area. In their desire to innovate , Jean Fortin art director and Dr. Marc Raper have engaged in this new alliance. Each exhibition allows patients of the clinic to mix in an art environment. The diversity of the space resulting from the fusion concept creates an increased visibility for the art. It is often the very first contact with creativity for a public to whom art may not have been a passion.


Upcoming Events at Galerie Dentaire

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      marcraper Over a year ago
      Loves it

      unique fusion of an art gallery & a dental clinic
      The space is amazing and the concept truely unique. Local and international artists expose for a period of about one month. check their website for the art openings, always an event.